IRC Religious Conflicts and Coping Strategies


22 - 26 August 2022, Bern, Switzerland

Monday, 22 August

9.30-10 Registration

10-12 Introduction Rituals, Rhetorics, Regulations (Prof. Heyden and Prof. Mona)

14-16 Workshop Analytical Model (Prof. Heyden and Prof. Mona)

16-18 Workshop Intercultural Learning

Welcome drinks


Tuesday, 23 August

9-12 Lecture Course Rituals (Prof. Plüss and Dr. Löhr)

14-16 Workshop Rituals (Prof. Plüss and Dr. Löhr)

16-19 City Tour Bern and dinner


Wednesday, 24 August

9-12 Lecture Course Rhetorics (Dr. Marti, Prof. Heyden and Prof. Hirsch-Luipold)

14-19.30 Visit of the Hourse of Religions


Thursday, 25 August

9-12 Lecture Course Regulations (Dr. Birnbaum, Dr. Fink, Prof. Mona)

14-16 Workshop Rituals (Dr. Birnbaum, Dr. Fink, Prof. Mona)

16-18 Working Session Presentation Preparation


Friday, 26 August

9-12 Presentations by Students

14-16 Final Colloquia

Farewell Apéro